Pankaj Singh


PhD Candidate

Thesis Title

Plant and Soil Microbiome Interactions

Research Project

Pankaj SinghPlant genome is considered as a holobiont along with the rich microbial diversity (the microbiome) it harbors. The plant microbiome plays a critical role in regulating host fitness, nutrient acquisition, stress tolerance, disease suppression and productivity. The plant microbiome composition depends upon a multitude of biotic and abiotic drivers encompassing host associated factors, soil associated factors, land management practices, and climatic drivers, whereby the interlinked relationship between plant host, the environment, and the microbiome ultimately determine ecosystem function and health. Despite important functions played by the plant microbiome, the impact of major driving forces and ecosystem functions on the plant microbiome assembly remains unclear.

Given the strong interlinks between plant, its  microbiome, and ecosystem functions, my project aims to elucidate the relationship between plant microbiome assembly and ecosystem functions. I am extensively trying to evaluate and address knowledge gaps when it comes to plant microbiome and ecosystem function using multiple plant systems spanning from grasses to trees, under both glasshouse and field conditions.


Singh PK, Egidi E, Macdonald CA, Singh BK, (2023) 'Host selection has a stronger impact on leaf microbiome assembly compared to land-management practices', Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, vol.2, no.2, pp 99-111

Research Supervisors

Prof. Brajesh Singh, Dr. Catriona Macdonald and Dr. Eleonora Egidi