Ivan Kotzur


PhD Candidate

Thesis Title

Understanding and mapping how thermal and dietary constraints combine to restrict koala habitat and determine refugia

Research project

Ivan KotzurDroughts and heatwaves are recognised as important agents of mortality for koalas, and are expected to increase in frequency and severity under climate change. Maintaining an adequate intake of water is essential for koalas to thermoregulate under hot conditions, and koalas famously rely on water in leaves for most of their water intake. Ivan’s research is focused on predicting the distribution of water and energy resources within the foliage of koala habitat vegetation across landscapes and through time. Using models on remotely sensed satellite data and a focus on extreme environmental conditions this work will illuminate habitats which may be climate refuges due to their hydrating capacity during hot, dry conditions. Furthermore the outputs will improve the basis for predicting the koala’s distribution now and into the future.

Orcid id

https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6249-3707 (opens in a new window)


Dr Ben Moore, A/Professor Matthias Boer, Dr Kara Youngentob (ANU) and Dr Marta Yebra (ANU)