What's the audition like?

Applicants are selected on the basis of an audition which is conducted by the Music staff.



You'll be expected to play 2 pieces, or excerpts of them, in contrasting styles or genres. These can be existing works or your own compositions. The panel you'll play these for usually consists of two lecturers from the Music Area. We'll also give you a series of tasks. These may include sight reading, reading and playing rhythms, playing simple scales, chords and arpeggios, singing simple intervals and scales and a short improvisation. The nature and style of this will be determined at the audition, depending on your interests and experience.


Here, if applicable, we'll look at your portfolio and discuss any compositions or recordings that you have made. We'll also ask you about your music technology experience and more general issues, including what you might do with your music degree.

What standards are expected in the audition?

Everyone's background varies, so there's no fixed criteria here. We will be looking at your performance in the context of all of your musical abilities, interests and aspirations. If you would like more information, contact Dr Clare Maclean at c.maclean@westernsydney.edu.au

What should I bring to the audition?

  • Your instrument.
  • The written music (if any) you need to play from.
  • Your accompanist (if applicable).
  • The completed questionnaire, and passport photo of yourself.
  • If applicable, examples of your compositions or recordings.
  • Your resume/cv/self-promotion kit or scrapbook.


You can also audition by singing rather than playing an instrument. You may make use of a recorded accompaniment if you wish. Playback is via AUX cord for backing tracks. This suits laptops, phones, ipads or tablet devices through the headphone output (3.5mm stereo jack).

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Got questions?

Contact for further information: Dr Clare Maclean on 4736 0496 or email c.maclean@westernsydney.edu.au.