Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Applicants who have lived at one of the School of Medicine GWS designated postcodes for a minimum of five consecutive years prior to program commencement are eligible to apply as a GWS applicant.

The ATAR (or equivalent) threshold is 95.5 for all non-Greater Western Sydney applicants and 93.5 for Greater Western Sydney applicants and 91.5 for Rural Entry Admission Scheme applicants.

If you are currently studying a university degree (but do not expect to complete the degree by the end of the year) – you may apply.  The University will receive your academic standing in the form of a ranking via UAC.

No. We will receive your academic standing in the form of a ranking from UAC. 

The UCAT ANZ threshold is not made public to applicants since it is determined each year according to the performance of all other applicants for the program. GWS applicants may have a lower UCAT ANZ threshold than non-GWS applicants.

Application information can be found on our Doctor of Medicine Applicants page. Advice on academic ranking and how they are converted will only be provided for applicants that have been invited to participate in the MMI interview process

You will be advised via email by mid October if you have been invited to attend an MMI at Western Sydney University.

Whilst it may not be possible for all vaccinations to have been completed at the time of enrolment, all students who accept a place in the program will be sent instructions and a vaccination card to facilitate completion of the vaccination process as patient contact commences in the second week of teaching.

Students undertaking the MD must have successfully completed a Senior First Aid Course before the end of Semester 1, Year 1. Once completed, students are required to take the original certificate to Student Services Hub, with their Student ID card.