Psychology Courses

Led by internationally-recognised psychology academics and practitioners, our psychology program is ranked in the top 200 in the world.

Western Sydney University's psychology program combines evidence-based biological, cognitive, neurological, social, developmental and personality theory with statistical expertise and practical experience.

You will be well-positioned to pursue a specialisation in your chosen field, and make a difference to the lives of others.  As a graduate, you may find psychology or research positions in government departments and the private sector, in clinical, industrial and organisational psychology, counselling psychology, vocational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology and sports psychology.

The opening of the new $30 million Science and Psychology building at Parramatta allows you to study programs like psychology, art therapy and social work in purpose-built teaching spaces. The new social work skills labs and psychology testing labs enables you to gain valuable, hands-on practical experience.

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Bachelor of Arts (with a key program in Psychology) Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 3F / 6P 70.00; 72.85; 70.00
Bachelor of Arts - Psychological Studies Major Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 3F / 6P 70.05; 71.55; 70.45
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 4F / 8P 87.05; 89.30; 85.15
Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 3F / 6P 76.15; 75.60; 77.25;

Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.