Teaching and Education Postgraduate Courses

Be the Teacher they Remember.

Western Sydney University is home to one of the largest education schools or faculties in Australia. The University has over 2,000 students enrolled in primary, secondary and early childhood teacher education programs, special education, social ecology, Indigenous education, and in research and professional postgraduate programs. Over 1,000 of our students graduate as qualified teachers each year.

The School of Education at the University was recently identified in the top 10 education faculties or schools in Australia (study by Melbourne University's 'Melbourne Institute'). In the same study, the School was ranked second in NSW on the basis of research performance and student satisfaction in program and teaching quality.

We have an established Education Chapter of the Western Sydney University Alumni, and we continue to build links with our past graduates.

Teaching and Education Course List:

Australian or New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents can apply directly to Western for all of these courses. International applicants should apply through Western Sydney International.

Graduate Certificate in Education (Social Ecology) Penrith 1P
Graduate Certificate in Primary Science Education Online 1P
Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Bankstown 2.5F / 5P
Graduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics Education Online 1P
Master of Teaching (Primary) Bankstown For WS BA (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Graduates: 1A / 2F / 4P

For non-WS BA (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Graduates: 1.5A / 2F / 4P
Master of Teaching (Secondary) Penrith 1.5A / 2F / 4P
Master of Teaching (Secondary) STEM Penrith 2F
Master of Education (Leadership) Penrith 2 - 3P
Master of Education (Social Ecology) Penrith 2-3P
Master of Education (STEM) Online 1-1.5 F / 2-3P
Master of Inclusive Education Penrith 2 - 3P
Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Education Penrith 1P
Graduate Certificate in Language Teaching and Bilingualism (Birth-12 years) Bankstown 0.5F / 1P
Master of Education (Leadership and Management) Penrith 1F / 2P
Graduate Certificate in Education (Curriculum Specialisation) Penrith 1P

Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.