Psychology Postgraduate Courses

At Western Sydney University our Psychology courses provide high quality psychological education to meet the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia (opens in a new window)(PBA) and Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (opens in a new window)(APAC) for the training of psychologists in NSW.

Our academics, students and Research Centres have an active research culture that encompasses a range of theoretical and epistemological approaches, in both applied and pure psychological research. There is expertise in a range of methods, including experimental, quasi-experimental and qualitative research, and a strong program of postgraduate training, including PhD and Masters in psychology programs.

Psychology Course List:

Australian or New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents can apply directly to Western for all of these courses. International applicants should apply through Western Sydney International.

Doctor of Philosophy/Master of Clinical Psychology Penrith; Bankstown 4.5F
Master of Professional Psychology Bankstown 1F / 2P
Master of Clinical Psychology Penrith; Bankstown 2F / 4P
Graduate Diploma in Psychology Bankstown 1F / 2P
Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies Penrith; Bankstown 1.5F / 3P

Key: F = Full Time; P = Part Time

Research Course List:

The table below lists courses offered by the Graduate Research School.

Master of Research Parramatta 2F / 4P
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 3F / 6P

Key: F = Full Time; P = Part Time