Computing and Information Technology Postgraduate Courses

Computing, mathematical and statistical skills impact on every part of our lives. Much of our culture and technology now rests on the intelligent use of computing and mathematics, and our social and business analysis is also heavily statistical. Graduates with strong skills in these areas are valued additions to any workforce.

Western Sydney University offers:

  • degree programs in computing, computer sciences, information technology, IT support, mathematical finance and statistics
  • opportunities for you to undertake external work experience or industrial projects
  • the opportunity to graduate with an accredited computing degree
  • a bridging course for those whose skill levels in mathematics is insufficient to begin University study, through the Student Learning Unit (opens in a new window)

The dedicated staff at the University have substantial and wide-ranging experience in both industry and research, and we currently have over 1,500 students enrolled in our computing and information technology programs.

Computing and Information Technology Course List:

Australian or New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents can apply directly to Western for all of these courses. International applicants should apply through Western Sydney International.

Master of Information and Communications Technology (Research) Parramatta 2-2.5F*
Master of Information Governance Parramatta 2F / 4P
Graduate Diploma in Data Science Parramatta 1F / 2P
Graduate Certificate in Data Science Parramatta 0.5F / 1P
Master of Advanced Networking Online 3P
Graduate Diploma in Advanced Networking Online 2P
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Networking Online 1P
Master of Data Science Parramatta 2F / 4P
Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced) Parramatta 2 - 2.5F / 4 - 4.5P
Master of Information and Communications Technology Parramatta 1.5 - 2F / 3 - 4P
Graduate Diploma in Information Communications Technology Parramatta 1 - 1.5F / 2 - 3P
Graduate Certificate in Information Communications Technology Parramatta 0.5 - 1F / 1 - 2P

Key: F = Full Time; P = Part Time