Master of Art Therapy



Delivery ModeOn campus
Duration 2F / 4P
Intake InformationSemester 1 (Autumn)
Apply Direct Code4595.9
UAC Code950976
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Delivery ModeOn campus
Intake InformationSemester 1 (Autumn) 
Course Code4595.9
[CRICOS Code 013543F] 
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Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

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The Master of Art Therapy is a clinical training program where you will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience for working as an art therapist in a wide variety of contexts.

Art therapy is a form of individual, family and group psychotherapy in which participants engage in visual art processes within a therapeutic relationship with a highly trained art therapy practitioner. Art therapy is internationally recognised as a valuable therapeutic approach to assisting people in times of emotional distress, and can be effective for clients with a wide range of psychological, social and physical problems.

Nationally and internationally, a Master of Art Therapy is the recognised qualification that entitles you to work as a professional in this field. The Western Sydney University offers the only Master of Art Therapy course in NSW, one of three such courses available in Australia.

At Western Sydney University, you will gain skills and confidence through a balance of academic and experiential learning, with extensive opportunities to practise art therapy under supervision. The course emphasises the therapeutic and pedagogical value of fine arts practice and encourages learning through creative exploration, interpersonal communication and self-reflection. Students become familiar with the histories, theories and practices of art therapy before undergoing intensive art therapy clinical training through 750 supervised hours of field placement.

Our permanent and casual teaching team for the Master of Art Therapy is composed of highly trained and experienced art therapists working alongside allied clinicians, social scientists and researchers. The art therapy course at Western Sydney University is housed in a recently restored, historic cottage on our Penrith campus, equipped with fine art materials, small and friendly studio teaching spaces, and tea and coffee making facilities.

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Career opportunities for the Master of Art Therapy

Art Therapist

Art therapists utilise a variety of visual art media within a therapeutic relationship to assist people who are emotionally or psychologically distressed and facing difficulties in their lives.

Art therapists are required in fields of:

  •  health
  • government
  • community organisations

Academic Profile

Doctor Catherine Camden-Pratt

Catherine is passionate about education for personal and social change, and has 20plus years experience in education and welfare across a variety of settings. These settings include:  community preschool teacher (Qld);  School Holiday Coordinator (Kids Activities Newtown  NSW);  weekend cook (Australian Quadriplegic Association); voluntary support worker (Mother Theresa Orphanage Manila Philippines);  Branch …

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