School of Science


Discipline Lead | Miroslav Filipovic

Western Sydney University is globally recognised for its Physical Sciences, especially Astronomical and Space Sciences and developing strength in Condensed Matter Physics. Our academics link effectively with national consortia, particularly: The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, the Australian and New Zealand Magnetic Resonance Society, Astronomy Australia Limited, the CTA-Oz and Anglo-Australian Telescope Consortium. These researchers have developed a series of bilateral relationships with European, Japanese, South African and North American research teams.

Physical Sciences researchers are actively involved in doctoral training with many Higher Degree Research students around the world including CSIRO, ESO, University of Cape Town, Nagoya and Johns Hopkins University. The rapidly growing Physics discipline builds on the scientific and technical strengths in the School of Science and on our relationships with world-wide institutes, to create a vibrant, emerging research group. We are engaged in fundamental astrophysical research at all wavelengths and multi-messengers (Neutrinos, Cosmic Rays, Radio, Optical, Gamma-ray, IR, X-Ray) using available national and international instruments.

Academics for this Discipline