School of Medicine


Discipline Lead | Annemarie Hennessy

The discipline of Medicine at Western Sydney University encompasses and connects researchers engaged in exploring the human experience of health, injury and disease.

We seek to understand the mechanisms of the human body, and how these inform an understanding of the experience of people with different diseases and conditions in order to inform diagnosis, prevention or future clinical care. The study of neuroscience for instance informs knowledge about the human mind and nervous system, which is central to understanding a range of physical and mental health challenges.

Clinical research then occurs when our researchers engage with patients and their health experiences. Drawing together the science and art of medical practice, the iterative nature of the clinical care of your patient and complex research questions emerge. Across the span of human life, our researchers are always aiming to improve the outcomes for their next patient.

Medicine is about people.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Associate Professor Penelope Abbott
  • Dr Neeshaan Abrahams, Associate Lecturer
  • Professor Golo Ahlenstiel, Chair, Medicine, Blacktown
  • Dr Evan Atlantis, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Jannine Bailey, Senior Lecturer
  • Mrs Karen Beattie, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Susan Blinkhorn, Lecturer
  • Professor Elie Bokey, Clinical Dean/Chair Surgery, Liverpool
  • Dr Miriam Brooks, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Rachael Brown, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Cherylea Browne, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Morven Cameron, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Warren Chan
  • Dr Miriam Codarini, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Adam Cooper, Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Jane Cross, Medical Educator
  • Associate Professor Raiyomand Dalal
  • Dr Bronwen Dalziel, Senior Lecturer
  • Mr Ryan Dashwood, Lecturer
  • Professor Kerrie Doyle
  • Mr James Dunn, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Genevieve Dwyer, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Michael Edye, Chair
  • Dr Carolyn Ee, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Ian Elbourne, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Rashid Flewellen, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Peter Fox, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Iain Gosbell, Chair of Infectious Diseases & Microbiology
  • Ms Jane Graves, Associate Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Simon Green
  • Dr Dhanushka Gunawardena, Associate Research Fellow
  • Dr Erika Gyengesi, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Stewart Head, Chair of Physiology
  • Dr Frances Henshaw, Lecturer
  • Dr Vincent Ho, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Karina Hochholzer
  • Associate Professor Slade Jensen
  • Dr Caroline Joyce, Lecturer
  • Professor Lukas Kairaitis, Clinical Sub Dean
  • Dr Sue Lau, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Cheok Lee, Chair of Pathology
  • Ms Janie Leggett, Midwifery Educator O/G
  • Mr Winston Lo, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Scott MacKenzie, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor David Mahns
  • Dr Victoria Mansour, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Brahmaputra Marjadi, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Paul Marshall
  • Dr Kathryn McBride, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Bruce McGarity
  • Dr Sandra Mendel, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Harry Merkur,
  • Dr Sam Merlin, Lecturer
  • Professor Neil Merrett, Clinic Dean/Prof Surgery
  • Miss Kimberly Mitlehner, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Lise Mogensen, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Stephen Moore, Clinical Educator
  • Professor Gerald Muench
  • Dr Simon Myers, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Michael O'Connor
  • Dr Elizabeth O'Connor, Lecturer
  • Dr Aiden O'Loughlin, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Carl Parsons, Lecturer
  • Dr Sabrina Pit, Medical Educator
  • Dr Milan Piya, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Ritesh Raju, Lecturer
  • Dr Kim Ramjan, Lecturer
  • Professor Jennifer Reath, Peter Brennan Chair, GP
  • Distinguished Professor Andre Renzaho
  • Dr Tara Roberts, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Annette Robertson, Midwifery Educator O/G
  • Dr Aflah Roohullah, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Tristan Rutland, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Kieran Scott
  • Ms Amy Scott, Clinical Sub Dean & Medical Discipline Coordinator
  • Associate Professor Ka Lai Shek
  • Associate Professor Peter Shortland
  • Distinguished Professor David Simmons
  • Associate Professor Kevin Spring
  • Dr Diana Steinberg, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Graham Stevens
  • Dr Paul Stoodley, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Sanjay Swaminathan, Clinical Dean
  • Dr Lawrence Tan, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Mourad Tayebi
  • Mr Stephen Teo
  • Dr Steven Trankle, Associate Research Fellow
  • Dr Ian Turner, Clinical Dean
  • Dr Suganya Vignakaran, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Robyn Vines, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Frank Wang, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor John Whitehall, Foundation Chair Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Professor Frederick Wilson, Director, Rural Health
  • Dr Kam Wong, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Robert Zielinski, Senior Lecturer

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