Young & Resilient Wins Real Impact Award!

We are thrilled to announce the Young and Resilient Research Centre has received a prestigious Emerald Publishing Real Impact Award, in the category of ‘Mobilising research into action’ for outstanding efforts and commitment to connecting research and action to drive meaningful societal change. This year's award theme, International Collaboration, holds special significance in a world where bridging global divides has become more critical than ever before, especially in the wake of the challenges surfaced by the pandemic.

Our journey in breaking down barriers to international collaboration has been a collective effort, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our incredible team. Professor Amanda Third, Dr Girish Lala and Ms Lilly Moody have been at the forefront. We would also like to shine light on the efforts of the Y&R team, who have been working together with us over the last few years, including Research Officers Ms Linda Marsden, Ms Louisa Welland, Dr Pavithra Rajan, Dr Shiva Chandra, Ms Farzana Chowdhury and Dr Jacinta Sassine, Research Impact Officer Dr Nukte Ogun and Y&R Members Dr Catharine Fleming and Professor Virginia Schmied. We’d also like to thank the research assistants who have supported these projects, including Ms Lilly Tatam, Ms Betty Nguyen, Ms Martyna Gliniecka, Mr Josh Visnijc, Ms Shakira Ali, Mr Pradeep Saxena and Ms Skye Tasker. Finally, we owe a great debt to the practitioners, policymakers, and most importantly, the children and young people who are the core of our work.

In the face of global conflicts and tensions, we've recognised the need for collaboration beyond borders. Our commitment to interdisciplinary and international research has enabled us to tackle challenges on a global scale effectively. We believe that together, we can make a difference, influence change, and shape a better world for all.

Mobilising our research into action is central to Y&R’s mission. Through our efforts, we have actively supported greater international collaboration, engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders to influence change and bring about positive impacts in society. The journey towards societal change has been enriched by the active involvement of over 100 child-facing organisations and 6000+ young people from around the world. Their valuable insights, perspectives, and experiences have been instrumental in enabling our research to impact local, national and international policy and practice.

We are truly humbled and grateful for this recognition. As part of the Real Impact Awards, our impact commitment will be celebrated through a case study featured in the Real Impact Awards Showcase publication.

A very big thank you to all those who have supported the Young and Resilient Research Centre on this journey.