Complete this list of key things you need to do before classes to start. If you have any questions, speak to an 'Ask Us' assistant on campus during Week 0 and Week 1 – they're the ones in red t-shirts wearing black lanyard cards. Student Central is also available year round to help you.

Print a copy of the checklist

It's important that you understand your responsibilities and obligations as a Western Sydney University student. When you first enrol, you sign the Student Declaration as a condition of your enrolment. This outlines the rules you will adhere to while at the University and your responsibilities as a student. You need to know what your responsibilities are as not meeting them can have a serious impact on your enrolment and your future at Western.

Here is a sample of what you agree to do upon enrolment as a student:

  1. Follow the rules
  2. Check and use your student email account
  3. Check the student webpages and portal
  4. Satisfy your study requirements
  5. Provide true and correct information for the University's use
  6. Keep your personal and contact details up to date

Find out more about your student responsibilities, make sure you are familiar with our Student Code of Conduct and read the full text of the Student Declaration.

Why is keeping my contact details up-to-date so important?

The contact details in MySR are how we contact you in emergencies and where we will send things like academic documents. It's your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date in MySR, including your postal address, mobile number, emergency contact and next of kin.

Who can I talk to about my responsibilities?

Don't be shy about seeing a Counsellor, Student Welfare Officer or Student Advocate if you want to learn more about your obligations as a student. They can help you understand your responsibilities and obligations, as well as your rights as a student. These areas are there so you don't have to deal with problems or respond to issues on your own.

It's good to have a plan for how you're going to get to campus.

There are a number of easy ways to access all our campuses including public transport, shuttle buses, riding or walking and driving or carpooling.

It can take some time to get used to how we write building and room locations. This page explains how it all works and will help you find your way around more quickly (and easily).

A location is made up of the campus, building, floor and room number. There may also be the type of room noted on the end.

BA-23.G.14 (CL)BA = Bankstown campus
23 = Building number
G = Floor/level
14 = Room number
CL = Computer Lab

Here's some common abbreviations you might come across:

Campus abbreviationsRoom types
BA = Bankstown
CA = Campbelltown
HW = Hawkesbury
KW = Kingswood
LI = Lithgow
NI = Nirimba
PC = Parramatta City
PN = Parramatta North
PS = Parramatta South
WS = Werrington South
CL = Computer Lab
CCL = Collaborative Computer Lab
CLS = Collaborative Learning Space
LT = Lecture Theatre
LS = Learning Studio
TS = Teaching Space

For more information about our campuses, visit our campuses pages.

Below is a list of rooms and facilities that you can use freely whenever you're on campus.

  • Communal kitchen - 1.G.18
  • Muslim prayer rooms - 10.G.19 (f) and 10.G.10 (m)
  • Prayer and meditation facilities - 10.G.15 (ass via 10.G.13)
  • Queer room - 1.1.212
  • Women's room - 1.1.211
  • Parent's room - 1.G.07
  • Communal kitchen - 4.G.10 (access via 4.G.09)
  • Muslim prayer rooms - 2.2.02 (partitioned) (f) and (m) access via 2.2.03)
  • Prayer and meditation facilities - 2.2.07
  • Queer room - 4.G.07
  • Women's room - 2.2.05
  • Parent's rooms - 4.G.02, 21.G.39 and 30.G.204
  • Communal kitchens - H7.G.02, M3.G.02 (no disabled access), G1.G.46A (learning commons space and K4.1.14
  • Muslim prayer rooms - P22.G.02
  • Prayer and meditation facilities - P23.G.01
  • Queer room - K4.G.100
  • Women's room - K4.G.74
  • Parent's room - K4.G.20

Kingswood campus

  • Communal kitchens - K.1.64, K.2.01 and P.G.01 (student social space)
  • Muslim prayer rooms - H.G.04a (partitioned) (m) access via H.G.01, (f) access via H.G.04A
  • Prayer and meditation facilities - H.G.10 (access via H.G.02)
  • Queer room - N.G.12
  • Women's room - N.G.13
  • Parent's room - K.1.05D

Werrington South campus

  • Communal kitchen - BN.G.01
  • Communal kitchens - EEA and EG.G.07
  • Muslim prayer rooms - EA.LG.14B (m) and EA.LG.14D (f)
  • Prayer and meditation facilities - EF.G.07
  • Queer room - EB.3.16
  • Women's room - EB.G.16
  • Parent's room - EN.LG.23

Getting your head around timetables can be a bit of a challenge. Below are the top issues students have told us they have when planning their timetable.

Things that are great about timetables

  • It is possible to squeeze all your activities (classes) into a small number of days per week
  • The majority of units have multiple days and times available

Limitations and things you need to know

  • Some classes have absolutely no choice of day or time
  • We don't have a large number of evening classes
  • You need to allow for travel time if you have classes on different campuses

Having trouble?

If you can't see timetable information for a class, these are the most likely reasons:

  • You aren't enrolled in the unit (or not correctly enrolled)
  • You're looking at the unit enrolment in the wrong teaching session (e.g. you're enrolled in the Spring Session unit, but are looking at the Autumn Session timetable

If you're still struggling to work out how the timetable works or can't find what you're looking for, contact Student Central by phone on 1300 668 370 or via email at


Free Digital Textbooks

If you are enrolled in first year or Diploma units* your 2019 digital textbooks are free. You can simply download or access them online, anytime and anywhere! For more details visit

*First year units are listed as Level 1 units in the Handbook

Did you know you can buy all your textbooks online via The Co-op?

  • Textbook price match guarantee
  • The most up to date textbook lists
  • Free delivery for textbooks ordered online
  • All textbook stock are the latest editions and correct

For more details, visit The Co-op website.

Course readers

Most units have a course reader, which contains the required reading for the unit. You can buy all your course readers online via The Co-op website.

Course equipment (course requirements)

Some courses require specific equipment that students need to buy to meet the requirements of their course. For example, Nursing students will need to buy a uniforms and specific equipment to attend their placement. Check your unit outline to see if you need anything for your unit/course.

For more details search the 'Clothing' and 'Western Sydney University Courses' section of the The Co-op website.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact the Library's Information Central service:

Phone (02) 9852 5353