What role does academic staff play in Orientation and the transition period for students?

Our Academic staff outline requirements of the course and introduce systems and programs that students will need to become familiar with.

How can academics enhance the Orientation experience for students?

Academics can enhance Orientation by providing a socially inclusive and supportive environment that addresses the social, emotional and academic needs of students.

Where should academics refer students based on the following scenarios?

  1. Students who need help with academic writing:
    Academic writing tutors are available to help students with areas such as question analysis, critical analysis, essay structure and academic writing style (subject to tutor availability).
  2. Students who are not sure about content of a course:
    They can attend PASS sessions.
  3. Making friends on campus:
    There are many clubs and societies to recommend, but in particular, MATES.
  4. Students who need to change their enrolment:
    Students should be referred to Student Central.
  5. Students having trouble with finances:
    Students should make an appointment to see a Welfare Officer, or go to the Study, Money and Life Skills vUWS page.