During the orientation process, staff have important roles and responsibilities to the transitioning students. As representatives of the University, you reflect our diversity, respect and overall outlook. All staff members - from the administrators to the educators - should be happy to help students at any time. That doesn't mean you have to (or should) know the answer to all the typical (and not so typical) questions, but that you answer what you know and help students find the right person for those questions.

Student Services Hub

This is a student's first point of contact for information. They provide advice, forms and referrals to other services.

Advice and processing

General advice and help for issues and processes including:

  • enrolment and fees
  • exams and results
  • graduation
  • applying for a Student ID card
  • applying for a travel concession pass
  • pick up a form or brochure
  • lodging a form or an eForm


Forms can be printed from the student forms page or collected from any Student Services Hub. You can submit your forms at any Student Services Hub and get help submitting eForms.

Student Welfare

For financial assistance questions (not relating to tuition or other University fees) students might have, Student Welfare are best equipped to help out. This is where students can obtain textbook and food vouchers, help with budgeting their money, Centrelink support, tax help, and financial aid.

Student Administration, Student Operations and Student Services

Student Administration, Student Operations and Student Services exist to provide proactive, seamless administrative services to students and the academic community. They can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Student Administration 
    - Admissions
    - International Admissions
    - Client Services 
    - Enrolments
    - Graduations
  • Student Operations
    - Programs and Timetabling
    - Examinations
    - Student Systems
  • Student Services
    - Client Services
    - Student Central (Student Enquiry and Information Services)
  • For student-related communications please contact Internal Communications, Office of Marketing and Communication.


Academics are responsible for contributing to their field either in research or teaching and management. They are our lecturers, tutorial leaders and teachers.

How can staff assist with this support?

Western Sydney University staff are in the best position to help new students have a smooth transition to uni. Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Communicate
  • Make yourself accessible (and approachable)
  • Be friendly and enthusiastic
  • Provide resources and material to promote learning
  • Encourage lecture attendance
  • Encourage students to seek help

A full list of the services and support mechanisms available to students are listed on the Student services and facilities page.