An exhibition by Heli Yang, an emerging Chinese Australian artist. The 23 paintings in this exhibition show 23 moments and they are inspired by the little things that happened in our daily life, telling the stories of three generations in a migrant family.
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The exhibition is comprised of three distinct series of work from Guan Wei’s personal collection. “Essence, Energy, Spirit”, which aptly captures the recurring themes of Guan Wei's art practice, reminds us of the consequences of a fast paced, technology driven, western lifestyle, which can be transcended, if we remember our essence, energy and spirit and how to nurture them.
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Yan Zhang, Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at Western Sydney University, where he leads the Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AIRG), is also a photographer, and an outdoor and mountaineering enthusiast. This photography exhibition shows different mountains through Zhang’s camera lens.
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From the ‘national treasure’ level cultural celebrity portraits to the grand environmentalist natural kingdom series, this exhibition includes a collection of seven paintings by award-wining Chinese Australian artist — Adam Chang.
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In life’s journey, the philosopher and the artist have always danced an intimate routine – reminding us of the challenges of meaning and authenticity in a chaotic world. Bingbing Chen joins this routine and takes us on a journey of fragility, hope and optimism.
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This fine and intensive exhibition from a group of six recognized Yunnan artists gives an opportunity to understand the development of an historic and contemporary aspect of art practice post-Cultural Revolution in the context of all contemporary art formations throughout China.
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This exhibition brings together eighteen artworks of five artists who represent almost five different generations in the Chinese Australian community, to mark the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and to celebrate the artistic achievements of the Chinese Australian community in Sydney.
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A collection of eight Archibald portrait paintings by renowned Chinese Australian painter Jiawei Shen 沈嘉蔚.
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Chinese-Indonesian Australian artisit Jayanto Damanik Tan (Tan Seng Lee) re-animated his experiences through vibrant and reflective ceramic sculptures that are reminiscent of offerings prepared by his mother to the universe during his childhood.
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A collection of photographs by David Lai, Peter Steele and Dave Cubby whose experience of touring China over thirteen years helps deliver a unique photographic experience of China.
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