Vermilion Art Gallery Manager Delivers a Seminar for ACIAC Students

On 15 April, 2019, Gallery Manager of Vermilion Art, Ms Man Luo, was invited to ACIAC to meet its Master of Chinese Cultural Relations students for a session of experience-sharing. This is one of a series of seminars designed to create opportunities for our students to meet professionals and artists and learn the practices of cultural exchange in the real world.

Ms Luo graduated from Fudan University, China, before arriving in Australia to study for her MA in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne. She served as Senior Program Coordinator at the China Cultural Centre(Sydney) for two and a half years. Earlier this year, she was appointed Gallery Manager for Vermilion Art.

Luo spoke about her early experience as an international student in Melbourne and a six-month internship opportunity with Multicultural Arts Victoria that helped to deliver her career start as a professional program manager at different arts and cultural organizations. She then talked about her portfolio and some of the regular and highlighted programs at the China Cultural Centre including its Chinese Contemporary Art Month, Chinese New Year celebrations with City of Sydney and the Chinese Garden Chamber Music Performances. She finally told the students about her current work at Vermilion Art as manager of the Gallery’s exhibitions, among which was of course “Fang Lijun: Facial Recognition”.

After the seminar, Luo took questions from her interested audience regarding what it takes to be well-placed in the management of a cultural organization, the sources of inspiration for an original program, the hurdles to Australia-China arts exchange. At the end of her seminar, she recommended that ACIAC’s students might consider reaching out to local councils and arts and cultural organizations to assist with their programs and help cultivate interest in the diverse cultures among our local communities.