Doctor Alexis Renchon


Graduated PhD 2019

Thesis title

Constraints on Ecosystem Carbon and Water Flux Estimates in Temperate Australian Evergreen Forest

Research project

Alexis RenchonThe carbon cycle plays a primary role in climate change. Natural ecosystems mitigate the rise of atmospheric CO2 by sequestrating more carbon via photosynthesis than emitting carbon via respiration. To date, we can only directly measure the net exchange of CO2 between an ecosystem and the atmosphere (NEE) via the eddy-covariance method. We partition daytime NEE into gross ecosystem production and ecosystem respiration using climatic driver of nighttime NEE (when only respiration occur). These partitioning methods have been defined mostly by studying deciduous and boreal ecosystems, but their transferability to evergreen ecosystems may not be valid. I will test and modify standard partitioning methods in Australian temperate eucalypt forests. Gross ecosystem production will be compared with a mechanistic model which bridges the leaf to ecosystem scale. This will help to identify critical conditions where there is a lack of understanding of the underlying mechanisms governing gross ecosystem production that will aid directing future studies. Ultimately, my PhD will improve our understanding of ecosystem carbon budgets in Australian ecosystems.


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Professor Elise Pendall, Professor Belinda Medlyn and A/Professor Matthias Boer