Law Masterclass

Our Law Masterclass was held on Thursday 3 December, 2020. For more information about studying law at Western, contact us at


We would like to welcome you to the School of Law. During your studies you will be challenged and stimulated as you learn about law and you will be able to connect with the reasons why you chose to study through engaging with the legal profession and thinking about how you can contribute to the community. You will learn about the importance of the rule of law, and what that means for upholding democracy. Our academics engage in cutting edge research and many are international experts in their fields.  You will have the opportunity to learn from them and to participate in a range of opportunities including mooting and negotiation competitions.

School of Law

With a particular commitment to our community of Greater Western Sydney, we develop high quality law graduates who are critical thinkers engaged with the issues of our world. Our students develop a deep understanding of justice and ethics through authentic learning that combines real law experiences with critical theory. Our rich research culture produces rigorous, world-class, impactful research and enhances our student experience.