School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment

Mechanical, Mechatronic and Robotics

Discipline Lead | Richard (Chunhui) Yang

The discipline group of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Robotics at Western Sydney University consists of a multidisciplinary academic team and has received global recognition for its excellent research outcomes mainly in the Field of Research (FoR) Mechanical Engineering (0913), with increasing intensity planned. The group undertakes research work in broad fields across disciplinary boundaries, with excellent contributions to Materials Engineering (0912), Electronic Engineering (0906), Civil Engineering (0905), Information and Computing Sciences (08) and Technology (10), among others.

The group builds its research strength through its effective strategy of recruiting productive academic staff members, producing high-quality publications and seeking industrial partners in the relevant fields of research. These fields include Industry 4.0, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Engineering Materials, Computational Mechanics, Structural Health Monitoring/Machine Condition Monitoring, Machinery Dynamics and Vibrations, Control Theory and Automation, Advanced Robotics, Computer Aided Engineering, and Biomechanical Engineering, among others. These sustained interdisciplinary developments are emblematic of the nature and excellence of research at Western.

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