School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment

Industrial Design

Discipline Lead | Professor Mike Kagioglou

Western Sydney University is a nationally recognised node for Industrial Design, with regional specialisation to Greater Western Sydney and linkages to international projects of significance for developing nations and advanced health and technology industries. Industrial design at Western is a professional degree and has produced quality graduates who are highly skilled in human centred design, new product development innovation, advanced computer aided design communication for manufacture (additive manufacturing and digital innovation specialisations), and embedded sustainable futures practice across United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Industrial designers pursue both non-traditional creative outputs and traditional research outputs. Our graduates are highly sought-after for high-tech and high-growth export-oriented value-added industries. Our students and alumni are successful in award winning health diagnostics, and acoustic-engineered consumer products. Industrial Design at Western has always held an early-adopter profile in emergent industries with wide stakeholder partnerships across university and industry funded and non-funded research projects. Industrial Design is very cross-disciplinary, drawing upon partnerships in Health, Computing, Science, Engineering, and Built Environment sectors, including NSW Health, Rural Fire Service NSW, Australian Dysphonia Network.

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