School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment


Discipline Lead | Professor Greg Morrison

Western Sydney University offers newly established, innovative and contemporary architecture programs across undergraduate and postgraduate education. Architecture is pursuing new frontiers in educational pedagogy and curriculum within the cross-disciplinary School of Built Environment. This School brings together the necessary specialist disciplines, a connectivity to industry, and engagement with government and international linkages essential to the education of the next generation of architects and urbanists.

Architects have fundamentally rethought the approach to community and professional engagement in partnership with a diverse range of practitioners and stakeholders. This discipline is exploring a highly integrated model of full-time academic and part-time practitioner lecturers who are seamlessly embedded within both academia and practice. Our students are immersed in a design led studio environment with award winning architectural practices and high-profile projects, which prepares them with the analytical, collaborative and creative skills essential for their future practice.

The Urban Transformation programs engage directly with the projects and issues of a growing Western Sydney and its pivotal role in the success of the metropolis of Sydney. Our graduate architects will be creative and critical thinkers ready to become significant contributors to the wellbeing, sustainability and resilience of our cities and communities. Architectural research is emerging in this new discipline and will be novel as it will be high quality and cross disciplinary, drawing on the internationally recognised project, design and construction management researchers in the School.

Academics for this Discipline