This seminar considers a new model for understanding relationships between culture and enterprise as an intensely productive zone of conflict and cooperation through the lens of China.
Professor Anna Seminar web
Join award-winning multimedia artist Tianli Zu, and learn the art of Chinese papercutting.
papercutting workshop web
Jingfang Hao 郝景芳 won the 2016 World Sci-Fi Hugo Award Best Novelette for her story “Folding Beijing” 《北京折叠》. She will be in conversation with WSU Adjunct Professor Nicholas Jose.
jingfang web
Hong Kong fiction writer Dorothy Tse 谢晓虹 will be in conversation with ACIAC Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Kiu-wai Chu.
Dorothy Tse
You are invited to attend the opening of Missing, an exhibition by Tianli Zu. The exhibition will be opened by Professor Barney Glover FTSE, Vice-Chancellor and President, Western Sydney University.
Tianli opening web
A panel of experts will discuss how Confucianism should be understood today, and whether it has any relevance to life in modern Australia.
round table web
As the show's leading subtitler, Dr Jing Han will reveal how she takes on the linguistic and cultural challenges in subtitling If You Are The One.
the one 3
Wu Han University Associate Professor Yong Li argues that Confucianism not only provides an alternative foundation for human rights but also avoids the traditional challenges against the autonomy based idea of human rights.
Li Yong's talk
Professor Labao Wang shares his experience in recording the development of Australian Studies in China over the last 40 years.
Two miniature flags leaning out of a small clear stand: an Australian flag and a Chinese flag.
Dr Ping Yang critically reviews the various differences in intercultural verbal communication and intercultural nonverbal communication between the Aboriginal people and the English-speaking Australians.
Ping's Talk

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