ACIAC will host the book launch for Professor Li Yao's ten-volume translation of Australian literature on 12 April 2018.
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ACIAC visiting Professor Guifang Zhang will analyse some Chinese internet events to try to understand the impact of new media and government regulation on the public sphere in China.
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Bring your family and friends and join ACIAC to celebrate the 2018 Chinese New Year!
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Dr. Kiu-wai Chu's talk examines the concept of shanshui (山水, literally “mountain and water”) in a range of landscape-themed photography, film and performance, and explores the changing notion of shanshui in the Anthropocene epoch.
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A panel of three experts in Chinese language and literature will discuss contemporary Chinese literature, the translation process and the writing of poetry.
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This talk attempts to explore the similarities and differences between the foreign language policies in Australia and in China since the 1980s.
Professor Wu Talk web
This seminar considers a new model for understanding relationships between culture and enterprise as an intensely productive zone of conflict and cooperation through the lens of China.
Professor Anna Seminar web
Join award-winning multimedia artist Tianli Zu, and learn the art of Chinese papercutting.
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Jingfang Hao 郝景芳 won the 2016 World Sci-Fi Hugo Award Best Novelette for her story “Folding Beijing” 《北京折叠》. She will be in conversation with WSU Adjunct Professor Nicholas Jose.
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Hong Kong fiction writer Dorothy Tse 谢晓虹 will be in conversation with ACIAC Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Kiu-wai Chu.
Dorothy Tse

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