Join ACIAC for a memorable afternoon celebrating the publication of ACIAC Key Researcher Dr Tianli Zu’s inaugural book, 'The Tao: Conversations on Chinese Art in Australia'.
The Tao web
This seminar explores the role of Australian media in international affairs reporting through a case study on Australian media's coverage of "China's influence".
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What is cultural diplomacy? How has cultural diplomacy contributed to the building and strengthening of Australia-China bilateral relations? What have been the policies and good practices? This public seminar brings together three leading figures in the area to share their insights on the evolving concepts and practices of cultural diplomacy.
cultural diplomacy
In July 2017, SBS exclusively premiered the critically-acclaimed ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in Australia. It is also the first time for SBS to subtitle an acquired English-language program in LOTE. Dr Jing Han, who initiated and led the project, will speak about the cultural and linguistic challenges encountered in subtitling this highly nuanced and complex drama into Chinese.
Hands maid tale web
This seminar explores fansubbing, in terms of its cultural, socio-political and technological entanglements with the digital publics of China.
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Dr. Bing Chen, an Assistant Professor from Peking University, is invited to ACIAC to give a talk about Australia-born China correspondent, G. E. Morrison.
Chen Bing's Talk web 1
This symposium will involve a selected group of speakers and papers exploring the dynamics, complexity and diversity of Chinese digital publishing and reading.
To mark the Dragon Boat Festival, ACIAC is inviting two Australian writers, Isabelle Li and Mark Tredinnick, to do a poetry panel to have a conversation on the nature of poetry writing and poetry translation.
poetry panel
Australian documentary photographer and filmmaker Olivia Martin-McGuire shares her exploration of the pre-wedding photography industry in China today, focusing on her latest photography series and documentary film CHINA LOVE.
china love web
This seminar introduces the essential facts about China in relation to its history, geography, language and culture, with a special emphasis on its modern and contemporary realities.
chinese culture seminar

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