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On 4 July, 2018, ACIAC’s Adjunct Professor Carrillo Gantner visited the Institute and viewed the exhibition of Mr. Shen Jiawei’s Archibald Paintings. Professor Gantner also sat with the artist as well as a group of visitors to the exhibition for a brief conversation.
On 5 July, 2018, Dr Chen Bing of Peking University gave a talk at ACIAC about G.E. Morrison who was appointed by The Times in 1897 as its first permanent foreign correspondent in Beijing and became political advisor to the Chinese republican government in 1912.
ACIAC Professor Jocelyn Chey gave a keynote address to the 16th Annual Conference of Australian Studies in China in Beijing on 22 June, 2018.

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ACIAC's first annual review gives a broad overview of research, activities and public engagement in the years 2016-2017. It also reflects the current state of cultural engagement with China and the Sinosphere through two occasional essays from eminent authorities associated with the Institute, one as Adjunct Professor and the other as Chair of the Institute External Advisory Board.
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