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This seminar explores the role of Australian media in international affairs reporting through a case study on Australian media's coverage of "China's influence".
ACIAC research fellow, Dr Kiu-wai Chu was invited to an international workshop on “Residual Futures: Rethinking Utopianism in Modern China” in Castasegna, Switzerland in October, 2018.
On 11 October, 2018, the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture launched the catalogue 'The Geoff Raby Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art' curated by Dr Damian Smith about Dr Geoff Raby’s thirty-year collection of contemporary Chinese art.

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ACIAC's first annual review gives a broad overview of research, activities and public engagement in the years 2016-2017. It also reflects the current state of cultural engagement with China and the Sinosphere through two occasional essays from eminent authorities associated with the Institute, one as Adjunct Professor and the other as Chair of the Institute External Advisory Board.
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