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Professor David Walker and Professor Stephen FitzGerald will explore the threats and opportunities arising from Australia’s proximity to Asia and shifting rationales/responses to the ‘White Australia’ Policy.
An exhibition by Heli Yang, an emerging Chinese Australian artist. The 23 paintings in this exhibition show 23 moments and they are inspired by the little things that happened in our daily life, telling the stories of three generations in a migrant family.
The recurring themes of Guan Wei's art practice are aptly captured in his exhibition "Essence, Energy, Spirit" at ACIAC. Guan Wei shared his creative experiences during the soft quiz with Professor Jing Han, Director of ACIAC.

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Annual Address image update
In ACIAC's inaugural Annual Address, its Adjunct Professor Carrillo Gantner AC spoke about the history of Australia-China relations and shared his experience in the cultural exchange between Australia and China. Read more...
Poison of polygamy Intro update
“The Poison of Polygamy” is Australia’s earliest Chinese-language novel. Dr Mei-fen Kuo and Dr Michael Williams have written an introduction to the English translated version of the novel. Read more…