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On 28 August, 2018, the CEO of Ausfeng Group, Dr Robert Feng and two of his colleagues, Cindy Xin and Shadow Li, visited ACIAC for a workshop with ACIAC's first cohort of Master’s students in Chinese Cultural Relations.
In contemporary China, art is booming with the fast arrival of new waves of young artists. On 20 August, 2018, three award-winning young artists from China, Li Jun (李军), Lu Hui (卢辉) and Chen Jun (陈俊), were in ACIAC for a visit and a workshop.
On 30 August, 2018, ACIAC’s founding Director, Professor Jocelyn Chey participated in a Public Forum hosted by ABC Radio National to discuss the future of relations between Australia and China.

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ACIAC's first annual review gives a broad overview of research, activities and public engagement in the years 2016-2017. It also reflects the current state of cultural engagement with China and the Sinosphere through two occasional essays from eminent authorities associated with the Institute, one as Adjunct Professor and the other as Chair of the Institute External Advisory Board.
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