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Video recording of ACIAC exhibition opening "Essence, Energy, Spirit" by Guan Wei.
Video recording of the first seminar of ACIAC Chinese Australian History Seminar Series. This seminar gives a comparative perspective of Australia’s 19th and early 20th century Chinese-Australian history with its post-1949 history.
The exhibition is comprised of three distinct series of work from Guan Wei’s personal collection. “Essence, Energy, Spirit”, which aptly captures the recurring themes of Guan Wei's art practice, reminds us of the consequences of a fast paced, technology driven, western lifestyle, which can be transcended, if we remember our essence, energy and spirit and how to nurture them.

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Annual Review 2017-18 EN
ACIAC’s 2017-2018 annual review offers an overview of its research, events and public engagement in another productive year. The four occasional essays (speeches) delivered in the year by Dr Steven FitzGerald, Professor Jocelyn Chey, Professor Nicholas Jose and Dr Jin Han offer rare and profound insights into the history of and incisive comments on the future of Australia-China exchange in arts and culture.
annual review chinese
ACIAC的2017-2018年度报告回顾了研究院过去一年在开展学术研究、举办活动以及扩展公共参与方面取得的成绩。报告中收录了Steven FitzGerald博士、梅卓琳教授、周思教授以及韩静博士等四位专家在各类活动上发表的四篇演讲。他们的演讲以独特的视角深入历史,从不同的角度积极探讨了澳中艺术文化交流的历程,并针对未来两国间的艺术文化交流提出了充满睿智的建议。