Research Internships

Research internship is a vehicle to expand horizons for research students and offer opportunities to the industry, the end-users of research, to solve real-world problems they face working in collaboration with our brightest students.

For Higher Degree Research candidates:

An internship with the end-user of your research may provide new opportunities for research, research application and more importantly may create a pathway for an impact of your research.

Interested higher degree research candidates can organise an internship either through our partner APR Intern or they can source one on their own.

Internship Opportunities through APR Intern

You can explore current opportunities through APR Intern at the links below. If you do not find an opportunity that matches with your expertise, you can still submit a request through a general enquiry to APR Intern to be considered for a potential future opportunity.

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Source your own internship

If you have an industry partner interested in offering a research internship, please contact us at and we can help formalise this activity either through our partner APR Intern or using the Western Sydney University internal process.

Formal Training

Register for training and coaching programs that help you develop skills to create impact with your research through industry engagement. The programs are offered through WSU’s training partner, Cruxes Innovation.

Find out more details about Cruxes Innovation's Base Program (For HDR candidates and supervisors)

Find out more details about Cruxes Innovation's Trek Program (For academic supervisors only)

Western Sydney University offers this training on a regular basis free of cost to its higher degree research candidates and academic supervisors. To register your interest for the next available Base Program please click here. To register your interest for the next available Trek Program please contact Cruxes Innovation.


If you have a specific question or would like to discuss internship opportunities specific to your research area you can register for a 1:1 consultation with our Internship Officer who can guide you through the process.

For industry / research end-users:

If you are interested in a short-term research project, you may engage one of our higher degree research candidates to work on an industry problem relevant to the area of research of our research candidate. A 3-6 months research project may be a cost-effective solution to your Business’ R&D challenge.

If you have a research internship project and would like to engage one of our higher degree research candidates, please email us at partner with APR Intern to organise research internships. You can explore how it works for businesses by visiting APR Intern Business Information site.