Civic Sinoburbia? New Chinese migrants and everyday citizenship in Sydney

Australia has seen a large influx of China-born migrants in the past few decades. Large numbers of them have taken up residency in various Sydney suburbs, where they now make up almost a third of the population. Focusing on four such suburbs, this project examines how these new Chinese migrants participate in everyday civic life, the barriers that may prevent participation, and how local civic organisations adapt to their growing presence in five domains of social life: education, culture, sport, religion and community service. The project will generate nuanced new knowledge on the local impacts of new Chinese migration, of benefit for urban multicultural governance and enhancing local community cohesion.

You can find out more about the team, the research and how to take part on the project's dedicated website.


Distinguished Professor Ien Ang

Professor Greg Noble

Professor Megan Watkins

Associate Professor Christina Ho (UTS)

Dr Alexandra Wong

Dr Bonnie Pang

Associate Professor Shanthi Robertson

Funding: Australian Research Council, Discovery Project

Period: 2020-2024