Understanding the Effects of Transnational Mobility on Youth Transitions

Young people increasingly migrate abroad for work and education, and Australia is a significant hub for sending and receiving. Migration and education policies encourage this mobility, which is expected to provide youth with enhanced competitive skills. This project aims to examine transnational mobility amongst young people and to understand its effects on their economic opportunities, social and familial ties, capacity for citizenship and transitions to adulthood. The project involves a five-year longitudinal study of 2000 young people aged 18-30 of Indian, Chinese, Italian and British ancestry, including both Australian citizens/permanent residents who have left Australia, and overseas citizens/permanent residents who have entered Australia. Outcomes of this project include a significant quantitative and qualitative dataset on how youth from various cultural backgrounds manage mobility and develop economic, social and civic benefits for themselves and the broader community.

Researchers: Associate Professor Shanthi Robertson (ICS), Professor Anita Harris (Deakin University) and Associate Professor Loretta Baldassar (University of Western Australia)

Funding: Australian Research Council, Discovery Project (via Deakin University)

Period: 2017–2023

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