Articulating value in housing cooperatives

Australia has a persistent shortage of affordable, quality housing. Housing cooperatives are member-based organisations providing rental and owner occupied homes to members. They are associated with benefits for member-residents, including improved housing, improved senses of belonging and community, and employment and education outcomes. However, evidence for those benefits has gaps, so this study aims to develop a framework for assessing housing cooperative benefits and to develop a typology to identify the factors shaping those benefits. The project outcome will be an evidence base of what works in cooperative housing, which can benefit the country by providing a rationale for the growth of and policy support for socially beneficial housing.


Funding: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Project)


Crabtree, L, Grimstad, S, McNeill, J, Perry, N, Power, E 2019, Articulating value in cooperative housing International and methodological review, Western Sydney University, Penrith, Australia.

Period: 2020-2023

Website: The Social Value of Housing Cooperatives (opens in a new window)