Video Recording: ACIAC Seminar "Cultural Diplomacy and Australia-China Relations"

A positive relationship between different countries requires a lot of mutual understanding and trust. And understanding of this kind can only happen when they proactively engage in communication through various exchanges in ideas, values, traditions and other aspects of culture. For that reason, cultural diplomacy has a significant role to play in connecting people and strengthening relations between different nations in today’s globalised and interdependent world. On 20 November, 2018, the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture (ACIAC) hosted a Public Seminar on “Cultural Diplomacy & Australia-China Relations” and three distinguished speakers including Professor Ien Ang, Professor Jocelyn Chey and Professor Nicholas Jose, were invited to share their views on the topic.

Session 1: Cultural Diplomacy, Soft Power and Cultural Relations

Speaker: Distinguished Professor Ien Ang

Session 2: History and contemporary development of cultural diplomacy between Australia and China

Speaker: Professor Jocelyn Chey

Session 3: Reading Each Other - A case study of Australia-China literary exchange

Speaker: Professor Nicholas Jose