The Yield by Tara June Winch《屈膝》

The Yield by Tara June Winch

Based in Australia and France, Tara June Winch (born 1983) is a contemporary Indigenous Australian writer. She is from the Wiradjuri nation in western New South Wales and grew up in Wollongong region. Her first novel Swallow the Air was published in 2006, which won several Australian literary awards. Her third novel The Yield was published in 2019 , which won the 2020 Miles Franklin Award , 2020 Voss Literary Prize and 2020 Prime Minister's Literary Award for fiction. The Yield is being translated into Chinese and will be published soon. The website can be accessed here (opens in a new window).

The Yield is a stunning novel which blends three distinct narratives of granddaughter August Gondiwindi, grandfather Albert ‘Poppy’ Gondiwindi and 19th century missionary Reverend Ferdinand Greenleaf to tell the story of the Wiradjuri tribe, its language, history and people. August Gondiwindi is returning from England to the Country for her grandfather Albert’s funeral and caught in a jag of compulsive recall. August finds that the lands of her family Massacre Plain are being taken over by a tin mining corporation. She is determined to make amends and endeavours to save their land. Meanwhile, she learns that her grandfather Albert had been compiling a dictionary of the Wiradjuri language, which transported the history and life on the plains and rich culture of Wiradjuri people.

Deeply touching and exquisitely written, Tara June Winch’s The Yield tells the story of a people and a culture dispossessed and becomes the latest excellent book bringing a new understanding of Aboriginal people and land, their culture, heritage and identity to a wider audience.

Publisher: Penguin

Number of Pages: 352pp

Publication date: 2 July 2019

ISBN0063003465 (ISBN13: 9780063003460)


塔拉·琼·文奇(Tara June Winch,1983)是澳大利亚原住民小说家,她是新南威尔士州西部原住民威拉德朱里(Wiradjuri)的后代。文奇成长于新南威尔士州卧龙岗地区,现居住在法国和澳大利亚。她的首部小说《窒息》(Swallow the Air) 于2006年正式出版,获得了评论界的一致好评并荣获多项澳大利亚文学奖项。2019年文奇出版了第三部小说《屈膝》(The Yield),一举夺得澳大利亚最富盛名的文学奖:2020年迈尔斯·弗兰克林文学奖(2020 Miles Franklin Award ), 2020年沃斯文学奖(2020 Voss Literary Prize)和 2020年澳大利亚总理文学奖-小说类(2020 Prime Minister's Literary Award for fiction)。《屈膝》的中译本即将面世。作家个人网站 (opens in a new window)