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May 25

Torpor, the ability of some animals to temporarily reduce body temperature and metabolic rate, has long been related to survival of seasonal bottlenecks in primarily cold habitats. I will introduce some of my findings of torpor use in response to energetic emergencies that suggest that heterothermic species with their flexible energy requirements have an adaptive advantage over homeotherms in the context of climate change...

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate for a project in the field of plant ecophysiology and climate change. The PhD candidate is expected to commence around October 2016. Closing date 3 June 2016.

We are now seeking a highly motivated PhD student to contribute to a new Australian Research Council Discovery project that aims to resolve one of the most long-standing questions about the functioning of plants: how much of the carbon that they take up in photosynthesis do they use immediately for growth, and how much do they keep in reserve as insurance for the future?

You're drifting off to sleep when, suddenly, there's a bump and a thump and an unearthly shriek. But never fear, if your home is making these noises you probably don't have ghosts, but a family of common brushtail possums...

16 March 2016

March 16 1891 - the Hawkesbury Agricultural College was opened by the Honourable Sydney Smith, Secretary for Mines and Minister for Agriculture. Today we celebrate the 125th Anniversary of our beautiful campus and our home, the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment.

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Selecting Red Gums for a warmer, drier Australia of the future and much more...