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Oct 25

With more than 90% of Australians living in cities and urban centres, issues of health, wellbeing and liveability in our cities are in the news more than ever.

This forum explores Western Sydney University's four research themes in the context of life in urban centres with a particular focus on challenges of urban heat islands, greenspace benefits, urban living trends and health implications for our future cities.

14-18 September 2015

The R statistical computing environment has become a standard for scientific data analysis, visualization and reproducible research. This five-day course is aimed at postgraduate students and staff, and is for newcomers to R.

3 August 2016

Using the world's only Whole Tree Chambers, scientists at Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment examined the response of wholly-enclosed trees to see how closely the responses of native Australian trees matched the global prediction models in research published by New Phytologist...

HIE is seeking funding applications from high quality, energetic researchers to support collaborations between the HIE and other research institutions commencing in 2017. Apply by 16 Sept 2016.

21 July 2016: Australian and Indian researchers are pooling efforts – and funding – to safeguard fruit and vegetable crops, and insect pollinators, in the face of challenges such as honey bee habitat loss and disease.

7 July 2016

A future where landscapers, local councils and developers can quickly determine the best long-term plant species to establish, in the face of climate change and other challenges, is not too far away. Today, two of the nation's leading universities, the NSW Government and Horticulture Innovation Australia announced a $10 million dollar research consortium that is working to make this a reality...

Dec 1

The Australian and New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ANZSCPB) is an unofficial society that meets annually at locations around Australia and New Zealand. The aim of each meeting is to promote scientific excellence in comparative research in a socially enjoyable atmosphere.

National Science Week 2016


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'Success Showcase' Magazine

Success Showcase

Welcome to the Autumn Success Showcase, our showcase magazine of news, research, stories and features from the Hawkesbury Institute...

Summer 2015 Showcase

Selecting Red Gums for a warmer, drier Australia of the future and much more...