Doctor Yogesh Chaudhari


Graduated PhD 2023

Thesis Title

Regulation of C4 Photosynthesis by Sugar Sensing

Research Project

Photosynthesis is regulated by various environmental and endogenous factors such as light, water, CO2 and sugars. Sugar accumulation in the leaf under certain conditions regulates photosynthesis through metabolic or sugar signalling feedback mechanisms. The main aim of this study is to determine how sugar sensing regulates C4 photosynthesis and how does it differ from C3 photosynthesis. There are three major sugar sensors in plants: Target of Rapamycin (TOR), Hexokinase (HXK) and SNF-related kinase 1 (SNRK1). I am using a functional genomics approach by over-expressing these sugar sensing genes in the C4 plant model Setaria viridis. Advanced cloning technologies such as Golden Gate and Gateway cloning and different promoters such as PEPC and GLPD for Mesophyll and Bundle sheath cell expression, respectively will be implemented during this study. The over-expression sugar sensing transformants will be characterised using sugar feeding and light manipulation experiments. In addition, I will ectopically express Setaria viridis HXK5 and HXK6 into Glucose Insensitive Null mutant (gin2 mutant) of Arabidopsis thaliana to compare the roles of HXK’s from C3 and C4 plants. The outcomes of this study will contribute significant insights towards understanding of the molecular mechanisms underpinning sugar feedback of photosynthesis.


Associate Professor Oula Ghannoum, Dr Lily Chen, Professor Robert Furbank


Chaudhari YK, Cairns TC, Talbot NJ, Studholme, DJ, Haynes K. The Zymoseptoria triticiORFeome: a functional genomics community resource. (Manuscript accepted)
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