Doctor Ximeng Li


Graduated PhD 2020

Thesis Title

Hydraulic traits and drought mortality risk of tree species

Research Project

Drought induced forest die-off is a world-wide phenomenon and is expected to be more widespread in the near future due to increased severity and frequency of dry period. Climate of origin shapes plant functional traits phenotypically and genetically, leading to difference in plant drought resilience and resistance. Examining drought response of plants differ in provenance can add to our understanding on the mechanisms underlying drought induced tree mortality, and also has important implications on plant conservation and management. In this project, we will select different species native to diverse ecosystems with divergent climates across NSW. Our overarching objective is to investigate the variation of plant functional traits to drought stress, thereby informing and advancing model predictions. Specifically, we ask how plant hydraulic traits respond during drought stress and, in addition, if such variation relates to climate of origin. To this end, three experiments are developed. Firstly, a common garden experiment is conducted to examine traits variation and test if such variation is related to climate of origin. Secondly, we use a glasshouse based experiment to examine the response of stomatal conductance to environmental factors, as stomata play a central role in linking plants and atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on the dependence of stomatal conductance on leaf water potential and soil water content, which is one of the main controversy among diverse models of stomatal conductance. Finally, a field experiment will be conducted to certify the results obtained in the first experiment with mature trees. In summary, the results of this project will guide us towards a better understanding of mortality mechanisms and inform models to identify regions of high drought-mortality risk in NSW.

Research Images

Branch dieback of Sydney pepper mint (Eucalyptus piperita) of Blue mountain area due to winter drought in 2017.

Common garden experiment aims to identify the variation of plant functional traits across species.

Photos showing gas exchange measurement (left panel) and stem hydraulics measurement (right panel).


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Professor David Tissue, Professor Belinda Medlyn and A/Professor Brendan Choat