Doctor Eric Brenya


Graduated PhD 2020

Thesis Title

Elucidating thigmomorphogenesis: An epigenetic phenomenon of mechanical stress acclimation in plants.

Research project

Eric BrenyaThe forces imposed by mechanical stimulation (MS) such as touch, strong winds and heavy rains are natural ubiquitous stressful stimuli perceived by plants. Repetitive MS of plants activates molecular and physiological processes that alter plant anatomy and morphology to facilitate acclimation to environmental stresses; a process called thigmomorphogenesis. These architectural changes due to repetitive MS are influenced by secondary messenger molecules, gene expression and phytohormone regulation.

MS primes pathogen and insect defense across a generation, and promote cross-acclimation to drought, salinity and extreme temperature change. Through epigenetic memory formation processes, organisms can remember prolonged changes in the environment and confer some stress memory to the next generation without affecting their DNA coding sequence. My research objectives are to investigate (1) the molecular mechanisms underlying how epigenetic processes such as histone modification, DNA methylation and RNA gene silencing  regulate responses to MS, prime plant tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and (2) to investigate how/ if MS induced responses  are transgenerational.

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Research supervisors

Dr. Christopher Cazzonelli, Prof. David Tissue, Dr. Zhonghua Chen


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