Doctor Chanda Trivedi

Chanda TrivediCandidature

Graduated PhD 2018

Thesis title

Application of Ecological Theory to Explain Microbial Regulation of Soil Function

Research Project

Soil microbial communities are intricately linked to ecosystem functioning because they play important roles in vital ecosystem processes, such as nutrient cycling, decomposition of organic matter and waste, nutrient availability, degradation of pesticides, soil structure and plant growth and health. Despite this, soil microbes receive little attention in the ongoing debate about global biodiversity loss, global change and conservation issues. We've paid a lot of attention to the relationship between ecosystems health and biodiversity in above ground communities, but very little notice has been taken of what goes on beneath the surface.

Macro-ecology has proposed a number of testable ecological hypotheses. The aim of my research is to apply theoretical principles used in plant diversity ecology to see the relationship between microbial diversity, soil function and ecosystem stability and the role diversity plays in the resilience of microbial communities to disturbance. Through artificial manipulation and fluctuation experiments combined with advanced modelling approaches my research will test the applicability of different ecological hypotheses, e.g., intermediate disturbance hypothesis and the diversity-stability paradigm in soil microbial communities. I will use advanced sequencing techniques to understand the impact of aridity in global scale linked loss of microbial diversity on specialized soil functions. My research will provide direct evidence for the functional significance of microbial communities beyond statistical correlation and will be a step forward in opening up "microbial blackbox" to include their structure and activities in Earth Ecosystem Models.

Research Project Supervisors

Professor Brajesh K Singh, Professor Peter Reich, Doctor Manuel Delgado Baquerizo


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