LGBTIQ Student and Staff Support

Western Sydney University is proud to have a tradition of students and staff who identify from diverse sexualities and genders. We understand that studying or working can be difficult for someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ). That's why we work hard to ensure that our student and staff support services, facilities and benefits are LGBTIQ inclusive, safe and friendly. All students and staff have the right to access University's support services, facilities and benefits regardless of sexuality or gender.  This also means that any family or partner support or benefit offered through the University, is equally available to our students and staff in a same sex partnership or from a family of same sex parents. 

The following supports and benefits are available:

Ally Network

The Ally Network is a University endorsed group of staff and students committed to creating an inclusive and respectful culture at Western for LGBTIQ community members.  An Ally is a volunteer (staff or student) from the University who is committed to cultural change and provides support and information to LGBTIQ community members at the University, and those. Look for an Ally flag, sticker or pin to find an Ally on campus near you.

Queer Collective

Western's Queer Collectives are student clubs for our students identifying as LGBTIQ, we currently have groups established on the Parramatta and the Hawkesbury campuses. These student associations help provide peer support, resources and a safe space to our sexuality and gender diverse students, and those who are grappling with questions or issues relating to identifying as LGBTIQ. Current staff and students can check out the Queer Collective via OrgSync.

Queer Rooms

 Western also has safe spaces specifically for staff and students identifying as LGBTIQ and their straight Allies, on our main campuses. These rooms are called Queer Spaces or Rooms and are provided by the University to nurture Western's LGBTIQ community through provision of resources and a place to meet, discuss and support each other. To find out more please scroll down the Student Facilities webpage to 'Queer Rooms' and listed locations.

Student Support Services

At Western we are especially dedicated to supporting our students identifying as LGBTIQ and/or grappling with related issues. Our Student Support Services are recognised for high quality, and are committed to LGBTI safety and inclusivity. All of our Student Welfare team and many of our Counselling team are proud members of the Ally Network.


Western Sydney University has a $5000 per year scholarship available to same sex attracted students studying undergraduate course through the John R Marsden Memorial Scholarship for Gay Men and Lesbians . See the scholarship webpage for details of eligibility and application process.

Gender neutral toilets

Most buildings on campus include a gender neutral and accessible toilet. This facility is available for all students to use regardless of gender and/or disability.

Employee Assistance Program

Western Sydney University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all employees. As part of this commitment, the University recognises the need for staff to have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to assist staff who are experiencing personal or work related problems. The University provides EAP services through AccessEAP (opens in new window) . The EAP services are aimed at assisting Western Sydney University staff and members of their immediate family by providing professional counselling services. This benefit is equally available to staff members and families with same sex partners.

Family and carers' responsibilities

The University's special provisions and staff entitlements based on family and carers' responsibilities apply equally to students and staff in same sex partnerships and families, including same sex parents, and other family relationships based on same sex partnerships.

Support for students and staff transitioning

Students and staff transitioning from one gender to another can contact the Equity and Diversity team on 9678 7378 for strictly confidential assistance and advice through the processes involved and supports available at the University.