Equity & Diversity Working Parties

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Equity and Diversity Working Parties (EDWPs) are an initiative which have been implemented within each School, Institute and Division across the University. Each EDWP provides the opportunity for targeted discussion and reviews of local equity and diversity considerations within their local areas as well as providing collaborative opportunities with other EDWPs. Our Working Parties focus on staff and work-related practice as relevant to each local area, identifying areas for improvement and education to ensure inclusive equity and diversity policies and strategies are adhered to throughout the University.

Each School is represented by their own EDWP along with a combined EDWP for our Institutes and a combined EDWP for our Divisions, each consisting of members from their relevant local areas. In total there are 15 EDWPs across the University meeting at a minimum of 4 times per year to actively identify equity and diversity gaps, arising opportunities and/or successes within their local areas and reporting back to Equity and Diversity. Our EDWP members provide an effective, safe and readily accessible channel for the University’s staff to give feedback and unsolicited suggestions, ideas or concerns relating to equity and diversity matters within their local areas.

Coordinated by Equity and Diversity, our EDWPs are endorsed by the University’s Executive Committee and are an integral project of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Action Plan, which resulted in the University being awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze Institution Award in 2019.

Getting in touch with your local EDWP

If you have any suggestions, concerns or ideas regarding your local area, you can contact Equity and Diversity where your enquiry will be forwarded to your local EDWP Chair.  Please ensure you include details of your School or work area so that we can direct your enquiry appropriately.

How do I become a member of my local EDWP?

If you are interested in becoming a member of your local EDWP, we suggest heading over to the EDWP Member Information and reading the EDWP Terms of Reference (ToR) to understand what is involved, then speak with your supervisor or manager.

For further information about our EDWPs, please contact:

EDWP Administration

EquityandDiversity@westernsydney.edu.au | Office of Equity and Diversity