Disability Awareness Event 2023

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Disability Awareness Event scheduled for Tuesday 15 August has been postponed.  Please check usual channels for the new date in the coming days.

International Day of People with Disability 2020

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Every year on the 3rd of December we acknowledge International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). At Western, we celebrate the unique talents and diversity of all our students and staff with disability. We are proud of our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all our Western community. We strive to remove any barriers whether they are physical, technological, digital, attitudinal or communicative.

In Australia, disability affects 1 in 5 people and 1 in 3 households.  This means you most likely know someone with disability – someone in your family, or someone you live, study, or work with.

This year the theme for the United Nations sanctioned day is - “Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World”.

A future where we all unite to  ensure positive change for the lives of the 4.4 million Australians with disability.

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International Day of People with Disability

International Day of People with Disabilities

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Australian Network on Disability have joined with #PurpleLightUp to bring together presentations and stories from resource groups, senior leaders, champions and allies around the world. Find out more about the event and register.

The ABC is celebrating Australians living with disability by showcasing a range of stories to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability. Every item is unique highlighting each person's individual story.  Find out more information on the ABC website.


The ideas website a site run by people who have lived experience of disability for people with disability has a great list of suggested podcasts.

The world’s first podcast reflecting the personal lived experiences of people from a sensory perspective. Each episode is an immersive soundscape that gives you an intense audio experience of what it feels like to live with an invisible disability - a disability that is not visibly apparent to others Launched by Mable.

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International Day of People with Disability

Student Disability Service


National Disability Coordination Officer

WSU Disability Collective

Disability Adjustment Support for Staff

Assistive Technology

External Service Organisations

Advocacy Services

The Department of Social Services has developed an advocacy web page where a simple search can be performed by postcode.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS webpage has information about the scheme, application process and eligibility information.

Assistive Technology and Adjustments

The Australian Disability Clearing House on Education and Training (ADCET) has a number of videos displaying various types of assistive technology.

The JobAccess YouTube Channel has information on assistive technology and discusses some of the different types of adjustments in the workplace.