School of Science

Environment and Ecology

Discipline Lead | Mark Tjoelker

Western Sydney University is tackling the most pressing environmental and ecological challenges of our time. How are native and managed ecosystems impacted by climate change? How do we manage soil, water and plants to sustain productivity, biodiversity and ecosystem services critical to our planet?

Our research stands out among the best in Australia (Excellence in Research for Australia). Our academics lead top-ranked fields, from soil sciences and microbiology to plant biology, ecology and evolutionary biology and drive impact through ecological applications and forestry sciences.

The Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, one of Western’s flagship research institutes, is a world-leader in research on global environmental change and home to numerous Australian Research Council fellows, whose explorations range from microbes to continents.

Inspired by a thriving nexus between cutting-edge research and excellence in teaching, Environment and Ecology at Western is a magnet for top students who go on to make a difference in the world.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Professor Gregory Barton
  • Dr Christa Beckmann
  • Dr Associate Professor Brett Bennett
  • Associate Professor Matthias Boer
  • Dr Andrew Broderick, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Duilia Carrillo Espanol
  • Associate Professor Brendan Choat
  • Associate Professor David Cole
  • Professor James Cook
  • Dr Margaret Davidson, Lecturer
  • Dr Christopher Derry
  • Dr Sandra Diamond-Tissue, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Brenda Dobia, Senior Lecturer
  • Grahame Douglas, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Marianne Gaborieau, Senior Research Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Oula Ghannoum
  • Dr John Hadley
  • Associate Professor Abul Huda
  • George Kastl
  • Professor Chin Leo
  • Dr Catriona Macdonald
  • Professor Basant Maheshwari
  • Professor Andrew McWilliam
  • Dr Jessica Meade, Lecturer
  • Professor Belinda Medlyn
  • Dr Michelle Moffitt
  • Dr Benjamin Moore, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Uffe Nielsen
  • Dr Rachael Nolan, Lecturer
  • Dr Qaiyum Parvez, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Elise Pendall
  • Dr Neil Perry
  • Dr Sebastian Pfautsch
  • Professor Jeffrey Powell
  • Professor Sally Power
  • Dr Adrian Renshaw, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Jason Reynolds, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Markus Riegler
  • Dr Michelle Ryan
  • Dr Paul Rymer, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Annette Sartor, Lecturer
  • Professor Arumugam Sathasivan
  • Professor Benjamin Smith
  • Professor Margaret Somerville
  • Associate Professor Ricky-John Spencer
  • Dr Malini Sur
  • Distinguished Professor David Tissue
  • Professor Mark Tjoelker
  • Dr Christopher Turbill, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Kate Umbers, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Justin Welbergen
  • Dr Ian Wright, Senior Lecturer