Doctor Jessica Meade

Doctor Jessica Meade

Lecturer in Movement Ecology,
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment



  • PhD University of Oxford (UK)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment


Phone: (02) 4570 1249
Location: R2.1.41

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Journal Articles

  • Mo, M., Meade, J., Roff, A., Timmiss, L., Gibson, R. and Welbergen, J. (2024), 'Impact assessment of the Australian 2019-20 megafires on roost sites of the vulnerable grey-headed flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus)', Global Ecology and Conservation, vol 50 .
  • Mo, M., Meade, J., Price, J., Maisey, J. and Welbergen, J. (2023), 'Synchronous abortion events in the grey-headed flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus)', Pacific Conservation Biology, vol 29, no 2 , pp 110 - 118.
  • Yabsley, S., Yabsley, S., Meade, J., Hibburt, T., Martin, J., Boardman, W., Nicolle, D., Walker, M., Turbill, C. and Welbergen, J. (2022), 'Variety is the spice of life : flying-foxes exploit a variety of native and exotic food plants in an urban landscape mosaic', Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, vol 10 .
  • Meade, J., Melfi, V., Keith, M. and Burns, A. (2021), 'The effect of visitor number on the behavior of zoo-housed macropods', Anthrozoos, vol 34, no 4 , pp 477 - 489.
  • Yabsley, S., Meade, J., Martin, J. and Welbergen, J. (2021), 'Human-modified landscapes provide key foraging areas for a threatened flying mammal : the grey-headed flying-fox', PLoS One, vol 16, no 11 .
  • Meade, J., Martin, J. and Welbergen, J. (2021), 'Fast food in the city? : nomadic flying-foxes commute less and hang around for longer in urban areas', Behavioral Ecology, vol 32, no 6 , pp 1151 - 1162.
  • Fangmeier, M., Burns, A., Melfi, V. and Meade, J. (2020), 'Foraging enrichment alleviates oral repetitive behaviors in captive red-tailed black cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus banksii)', Zoo Biology, vol 39, no 1 , pp 3 - 12.
  • Welbergen, J., Meade, J., Field, H., Edson, D., McMichael, L., Shoo, L., Praszczalek, J., Smith, C. and Martin, J. (2020), 'Extreme mobility of the world's largest flying mammals creates key challenges for management and conservation', BMC Biology, vol 18, no 1 .
  • Meade, J., Van der Ree, R., Stepanian, P., Westcott, D. and Welbergen, J. (2019), 'Using weather radar to monitor the number, timing and directions of flying-foxes emerging from their roosts', Scientific Reports, vol 9 .
  • Meade, J., Vanderwal, J., Storlie, C., Williams, S., Gourret, A., Krockenberger, A. and Welbergen, J. (2018), 'Substantial reduction in thermo-suitable microhabitat for a rainforest marsupial under climate change', Biology Letters, vol 14, no 12 .
  • Meade, J., Formella, I. and Melfi, V. (2017), 'A note on the effect of concerts on the behaviour of Domestic dogs Canis lupus familiaris at Taronga Zoo, Sydney', International Zoo Yearbook, vol 51, no 1 , pp 225 - 231.

Other Publications

  • 2015, 'Climate Change and the Impacts of Extreme Events on Australia's Wet Tropics Biodiversity: Final Report', Report

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