Doctor Juntao Wang

Doctor Juntao Wang

Research Support Program Fellow - Bushfire Research: Soil Biodiversity,
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Plant & Soil Microbiomes,
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment



  • DREC Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • MNS Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment


Phone: (02) 4570 1042
Location: R2.1.17

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Journal Articles

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  • Wang, J., Egidi, E., Li, J. and Singh, B. (2019), 'Linking microbial diversity with ecosystem functioning through a trait framework', Journal of Biosciences, vol 44 .

Current Projects

Title: Biological based products for improved cotton production
  • Cotton Research & Development Corporation (non ACRG)
Western Researchers: Brajesh Singh, Catriona Macdonald and Juntao Wang
Years: 2018-07-01 - 2022-03-01
ID: P00024560

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