Doctor Michelle Ryan

Doctor Michelle Ryan

Senior Lecturer, Ecology and Environmental Science,
Life Sciences


Dr Michelle Ryan is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science and Western Sydney University and the current Hawkesbury-Nepean Waterkeeper. Michelle’s research includes human impacts on aquatic environments with a focus on the ecological health of freshwater systems and aquatic animals. Her current research focuses on the iconic platypus and the health of platypus populations in the Greater Sydney region. Michelle is passionate about waterway health and uses her research into the platypus to connect and engage with the community, industry and government with the aim of creating resilient waterways throughout Western Sydney. 

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  • PhD University of Western Sydney
  • BSc University of Western Sydney
  • BAppSc University of Western Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • Environmental Health Australia (2016)
  • River Basin Management Society (2021)
  • Ecological Society of Australia (2008)


  • The Academy - Staff Excellence Award 2019-12-04
  • School of Science and Health - Research Impact - Team 2019-12-03
  • School of Science - Research Excellence 2020-12-08


  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Water Pollution Assessment
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Management
  • Water and Wastewater Management

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Life Sciences


  • Blacktown City Council Environment Advisory Committee


Phone: (02) 4570 1493
Location: M15.G.15

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 300789 Urban Environment, 2019
  • 300789 Urban Environment, 2020
  • 300821 Environment and Health, 2018
  • 300821 Environment and Health, 2019
  • 300860 Urban Environment, 2018
  • 300931 Integrated Science, 2018
  • 300931 Integrated Science, 2019
  • 300931 Integrated Science, 2020
  • 301271 Environmental Issues and Solutions, 2020


Journal Articles

  • Ross, G., Horn, S., Macdonald, C., Powell, J., Reynolds, J., Ryan, M., Cook, J. and Nielsen, U. (2020), 'Metabarcoding mites : three years of elevated CO2 has no effect on oribatid assemblages in a Eucalyptus woodland', Pedobiologia, vol 81-82 .
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Conference Papers

  • Webb, B., Morrison, K., Wright, I. and Ryan, M. (2021), 'The effect of water quality, macroinvertebrate assemblages and habitat suitability on the distribution of Platypuses : a pilot study in Cattai Catchment, North West Sydney', Australian Stream Management Conference, online.
  • Morrison, K., Reynolds, J., Ryan, M. and Wright, I. (2021), 'Challenges for management of treated sewage in NSW Southern Highlands rivers : drinking water catchment, World Heritage Area and platypus habitat', Australian Stream Management Conference, Online.
  • Ryan, M. and Morrison, K. (2021), 'The use of citizen scientists to confirm the presence of platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) in north-west Sydney', Australian Stream Management Conference, Online.
  • Wright, I., Morrison, K., Ryan, M., Cusbert, S. and Reynolds, J. (2019), 'Elevated sodium concentrations in Australian drinking water supplies', International Conference on Water Resource and Environment, Macao, China.
  • Rowlands, T., Ryan, M., Estreich, A. and Wright, I. (2019), ''Swimmability' : a key element for communities to safely engage with Australian urban rivers', International Conference on Water Resource and Environment, Macao, China.
  • Reynolds, J., Russom, B. and Ryan, M. (2018), 'The presence of illicit compounds in the Hawkesbury-Nepean river system', Australian Stream Management Conference, Hobart, Tas..
  • Wright, I., Morrison, K., Hurst, E. and Ryan, M. (2018), 'Water quality and ecological recovery of a mountain stream after 60 years of receiving sewage effluent', Australian Stream Management Conference, Hobart, Tas..

Current Projects

Title: Platypus in Mulgoa Creek
  • Mulgoa Valley Landcare Group Inc.
Western Researchers: Michelle Ryan
Years: 2024-03-01 - 2024-12-31
ID: P00029178
Title: Platypus populations in Figtree Hill/Gilead
  • Lendlease Communities (Figtree Hill) Pty Ld
Western Researchers: Michelle Ryan
Years: 2023-03-01 - 2024-05-31
ID: P00028593

Previous Projects

Title: From Fires to Drought: Creating Citizen Science and Community Conservation Programs to Restore Hunter River Turtles
  • Australia's Wildlife Ark Inc
Western Researchers: Ricky Spencer and Michelle Ryan
Years: 2020-09-01 - 2022-08-31
ID: P00026866
Title: Threats to the long term viability of the Eastern long necked turtle
  • University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury Foundation Limited
Western Researchers: Shelley Burgin and Michelle Ryan
Years: 2007-07-30 - 2011-12-30
ID: P0016109
Title: Platypus Keepers - The Hawkesbury-Nepean Riverkeepers as guardians of the platypus populations of the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment
  • NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Incorporated
Western Researchers: Michelle Ryan and Katherine Warwick
Years: 2021-12-03 - 2022-12-02
ID: P00027644


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