Professor Benjamin Smith

Professor Benjamin Smith

Director of Research,
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment



  • PhD University of Otago

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment


Phone: (02) 4570 1647
Mobile: 0404750650
Location: R2.G.63

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Current Projects

Title: Australian Plant Phenomics Facility - Western Sydney University [via UoA]
  • Department of Education (Cat 2.1)
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: Mark Tjoelker, Ian Anderson and Benjamin Smith
Years: 2023-07-01 - 2028-12-31
ID: P00029120
Title: Understanding the survival of forests under drought
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Brendan Choat and Benjamin Smith
Years: 2023-01-01 - 2025-12-31
ID: P00027233
Title: Understanding snow gum dieback for effective and integrated management [via Australian National University (ACRG)]
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Benjamin Smith
Years: 2023-04-19 - 2029-04-19
ID: P00028348
Title: Mechanistic responses of phosphorus-limited forests to CO2 enrichment
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Benjamin Smith, David Ellsworth and Catriona Macdonald
Years: 2022-01-01 - 2026-12-30
ID: P00027235
Title: Recovery of NSW Gondwana Rainforest from Bushfires
  • Baker Hughes Services Australia Pty Ltd
Western Researchers: Brendan Choat and Benjamin Smith
Years: 2021-06-30 - 2024-06-30
ID: P00027303

Previous Projects

Title: Considering biodiversity in natural product supply chains
  • Blackmores Limited
Western Researchers: Rachael Gallagher, Benjamin Smith and Paul Rymer
Years: 2023-03-01 - 2023-06-30
ID: P00028501

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