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15 January 2021

An international team of researchers including Western Sydney University are collaborating on a new Global Soil Biodiversity Network (SoilBON) program to collectively advance knowledge of the world’s soil biodiversity.

Earthworm (credit: Valentin Gutekunst)
Efforts to adapt to a rapidly changing climate are entirely dependent on protecting the life in our soils. These are among findings compiled by more than 300 researchers for the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
Soil 2

19 June 2019

Scientists have issued a new warning to humanity that efforts to address climate change demand that we include the immense roles played by microbes.

Microbial Hand Warning

31 May 2019

Scientists have found that although the numbers of microbes in soils are vast, most belong to just a few common species.

Cordyceps fungus consumes the body of an insect

7 May 2019

New research has found that a hormone produced by plants under stress can be applied to crops to alleviate the damage caused by salty soils.

Cotton ACC HIE

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