Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and disseminate innovative solutions and evidence based approaches to promote farm productivity, food security and environmental sustainability.


Worldwide demand for food and fibre is growing – driven by population growth, changing diets, wealth and, increasingly the diversion of more food crops and land to biofuel production.

Additionally in some parts of the Asia-Pacific, farm productivity has gone into structural decline and further resource inputs no longer translate into increased yields. Climate variability and extreme weather events can further compromise farm productivity and food security.

The Global Centre provides solutions for these challenges in close partnership with industries, policy advisers and global experts.

Key Activities

Key activities of the Centre include:

  • Joint innovation programs
  • Enduring global partnerships in land-based innovations
  • Supporting environmental sustainability
  • Facilitating inter-governmental and industrial interactions to promote trade
  • Improving education and training
  • Enhancing farm profitability through innovation
  • Supporting evidence-based policy and trade
  • Restoring degraded farmland for farming and natural habitats

What issues will be addressed?

The Global Centre addresses key challenges in food supply, agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability at a regional, national and global level by transferring knowledge from leading scientific research into farming practises, and supporting policy and decision-making at all levels of government.

Global Issues

  • Food security
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Education and training
  • International cooperation
  • Poverty alleviation

National Issues

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Increased productivity/ profitability
  • Enhanced international competitiveness
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Support agribusiness and attract international students

Regional Issues

  • Create a hub for scientific innovation and policy development
  • Knowledge transfer to increase farm and industry profitability
  • Interaction with local government for policy support
  • Promote sustainable regional development
  • Generate employment and stimulate the local economy

Common Issues

  • Enhanced agriculture productivity
  • Improved education and training
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Support policy decision making