All terrestrial life on earth depends upon soil, making it one of our most important resources...

-Professor Brajesh Singh

Our research centres on the functioning of natural and managed land-based ecosystems in Australia and internationally. In a changing world, we need to understand the effects of rapid change in both natural environments and farming systems and on the communities of living organisms ranging from the smallest microbes to the tallest forest trees.

By bringing on board the world's foremost science researchers and providing the latest in technology and facilities, our research solves large-scale problems in a unique and innovative way.

Perhaps the greatest driver of change worldwide, rising atmospheric carbon dioxide is already producing significant impact on our ecosystems in complex and unpredictable ways.

The effects of this change are unlike anything our ecosystems have seen in recent history, and our challenge as researchers is to uncover the real effects of this change and provide decision-makers with actionable steps that can help to adjust to this new variability.

We make use of a range of technologies in our research program and aim to generate research outcomes that enable us to build a holistic picture of how soil organisms influence the ecology, growth and diversity of plants and animals.

The outcomes from our research will be used to improve future strategies for ecosystem management, increased plant production, carbon sequestration, and remediation of contaminated soils.