The Global Centre will provide a one-stop shop for innovation, trade, policy and training for the agriculture and environmental sector.

Joint development and dissemination of sustainable agricultural technology

Initially providing innovative solutions for sustained increase in farm productivity based on;

  1. soil resources and crop variety
  2. adaptation to climate variability and extreme events
  3. land rehabilitation and ecological restoration

The initial focus of innovation will be to sustainably increase farm productivity.


  • Strengthening agriculture/environmental cooperation between Australia, China and India to contribute to global food security and environmental challenges.
  • Promote Agribusiness.
  • Provide evidence base for policy development.


  • Capacity building: Regular exchange of scientists, industrialists, policy advisers and consultation.
  • Education: The Centre will promote and strengthen educational partnership between Australia, India and China in Agriculture and Environmental sector.


  • Masterclasses for growers, consultants, policy advisors.
  • Industry papers.
  • Innovation.